La Paz and Lima are two of the most important cities in the Andes region of South America, and trips between the two are very common for tourism and business. Lima is the capital city of Peru, a large city on the shore of the Pacific ocean with more than 7 million inhabitants. La Paz, on the other hand, is the seat of government of Bolivia, a city of 3 million people at an altitude of 3,600 meters above sea level.

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Lima, Peru

If you want to travel by bus from Lima to La Paz, you can do so with a stop in the legendary city of Cuzco, about half-way between the two. Cuzco is one of the most important tourist destinations in South America due to its rich history and colonial architecture, and also because it is the gateway to the ruins of the Inca empire. Read on to find out how to make this trip by land from Lima to La Paz, through Cuzco.

Lima to Cuzco by bus

The distance between Lima and Cuzco is 1,104 km and the bus trip takes 22 to 24 hours, depending on the time of departure. The buses leave every day around noon from the two bus terminals that the bus company Oltursa uses: Estación Turística San Isidro, located on Aramburu Av. #1160, and a Gran Terminal Terrestre Plaza Norte, located on Tupac Amaru Av., Independencia. In Cuzco, the buses arrive at the Bus Terminal located on Vía Evitamiento. A tourist city by excellence, Cuzco offers amazing tours of the nearby Inca ruins and buildings such as monasteries and churches you have to see to believe. Also, you are just a few hours away from Macchu Picchu, the capital city of the Inca Empire and one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. To book your bus tickets from Lima to Cuzco, click on this link:

See the table below to find out the times of departure and prices.

Lima to Cuzco by bus

Bus companyBus classDeparture place and timeArrival place and timePrice in US$

(170 degrees reclination)

Lima 12:45 Cuzco 12:15 (the next day)54.01

(170 degrees reclination)

Lima 14:30Cuzco 12:15 (the next day)54.01
La Paz, Bolivia

Cuzco to La Paz by bus

The distance between Cuzco and La Paz is 640 km, and the trip by bus takes around 12 hours. The journey crosses the highlands of Peru until you reach Puno on the shores of lake Titicaca, to continue to La Paz. The buses leave every day and with many different bus companies from the bus terminal on via Evitamiento, and they arrive in La Paz at the bus station located on Uruguay Av. Look at the table below to see the times and companies that make this route.

Cuzco to La Paz

Bus companyBus classPlace and time of departurePlace and time of arrivalPrice in US$
Trans SalvadorLie fla 3 rowsCuzco 22:00La Paz 13:0033.58 US$
Trans Salvadorlie-flatCuzco 22:00 La paz 13:0029.20 US$
Tour PeruSemi lie-flatCuzco 22:00La Paz 15:00 27.74 US$
NC Internacionallie-flatCuzco 22:30La Paz 14:3029.20 US$

If you want to book your tickets online to travel from Cuzco to La Paz, just click on this link:

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